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[Marriott? Is it surprising if Yurio doesn't know where it is? He doesn't really need to know every hotel in a city where he lives in his own apartment, does he?

Besides, Minami forgot to tell him the name of the hotel, too.]


Minami Kenjiro.

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[ooc: it wasn't for the Yurifest tbh]


Apr. 3rd, 2017 10:45 am
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We'll be there in 30 minutes!

[Yuri couldn't stop having jitters in his seat as he tried to take a peek at Kazakhstan through the small window, but he could saw only clouds. And the Kazakh clouds were exactly the same as the Russian or the Spanish ones. They were plain and only a bit less boring than his geology textbook he stomped on.

Fuck. Stupid book, it made him fell asleep three times during the flight, and every time he dropped it the woman next seat took disapproving looks at him. Yuri moved closer to the window and stared at the clouds. Then he looked at his phone. No new message. Okay, back to the clouds. It's odd, if he didn't know that the earth was somewhere down there he couldn't tell if it was there at all.

He took another look at his phone and threw himself back on the seat seeing that Beka still didn't write back. He must be busy. Maybe he was stuck in the traffic. Maybe he went to buy stupid matching rings.

Maybe he was just not there at all. Yuri still couldn't see anything but the clouds. He shot a terrifying grimace at them.]
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[An early March day in the morning passersby spotted an ethereal apparition running up and down on the pavement in front of one of the best pancake places of Montreal. The creature was covered with black jeans and a dark red lacquer jacket and occasionally muttered something. He stopped in every second minute, looked around like he was looking for something or someone, and when he didn't find what he was looking for he continued walking and muttering.]
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Hey, Otabek, are we a couple?

[This is something a reporter asked through the entrance door, but while he punched into the door and then tried to figure if his finger broke he realized that he didn't know the answer.]
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'Like' is a bit overexaggerating...

Are you into wearing jewels?
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[What am I doing, what am I doing, what the fuck am I doing?' Yuri keeps asking himself on the way to the hotel, where he'll meet Emil, if everything goes well. A relieved growling sound leaves his throat when he makes certain that the building is standing still, it seems clean and neat, not too outstanding on the surface, but it doesn't mean it can't satisfy the needs of the tenants inside.

There's no trace of bugs on the stairs, and, as much as Yuri can tell, this hotel is in much better condition than any hotel room he spent more than two days in. It's good to know that Emil's coach is not as much of a pudding as he looks. He found a good place for Freckle.

By the time he reaches the storey he's looking for, Yuri feels the flush on his cheeks again. The mint flavored candy turns to a rock in his stomach. He's trying to hide a bruise on his forehead behind his bangs. If Freckle asks about it, he'll say that he fell during practice. Emil doesn't have to know he was daydreaming about treasure hunting and ran into a door. Now he's knocking on another door and wonders if the other man feels half as nervous as he is.]
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I wanted to give you a hug but I pass if you're like this, Baba Yaga.


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